Hello, my name is Nyrih Smith and I am

A Front End Developer

creating modern and responsive Web Applications

This is what I do

A Rochester Institute of Technology Graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in "New Media Interactive Development" and a minor in "Web Development".


As someone in this field of practice, I am knowledgeable in a great deal of font end development. I also have some back end development knowledge as well. I enjoy web development the most because I feel I can get the most out of my skills with it. Down below is a category of my best skills that I am proud of.

My Skills

What I know


A majority of the work I've done so far have been from HTML and CSS so I am quite adept at them


I have used a vast number of JavaScript libraries for my programs


I have knowledge in jQuery which lets me write less code and do more


I know the basics of MySQL which allows me to create databases to store information

My Projects

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